Thursday, July 8, 2010

"My Little Man"
Little boy, my little man, light and love of my life,
So precious, so gentle, you are my shelter, my shining light.
You are totally dependant on me, on your own there is nothing you can do,
But little man, this may surprise you, for I am just as dependant on you.
We seem to make each other stronger, just by us being together,
Sometimes when I hold you, I wish that moment would last forever.
At times when things get me down, I want to just sit with you for a while,
So you can speak to me with your eyes, and run to me with your smile.
Moments we've spent together are some of the happiest I've ever had,
I want to laugh with you when you are happy, and cry with you when you are sad.
I want us to lean on each other as we continue to grow together,
Because the love I have for you, little man, is a love that will last forever.
Some people may see a mountain and think it's much too high to climb,
But to you and I it's simply another hill, it's just a bit bigger this time.
We have some challenges ahead of us, but together these challenges we'll
get through,
And I thank God everyday for this special gift, this special gift that is you.
- Kim Ambrose

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Place

There's a place. A place you can go where no one stares. A place where everyone is the same and there are no questions, no whispers, and no nasty comments. A place where you are accepted for being "you" and loved for just that.

We recently traveled to Dallas for the National CDLS Conference. I was very nervous being that this was our first time, and didn't know what to expect. I can tell you now, that it was one of the best experiences of my life. So many beautiful families came together with their children and loved ones and made tremendous bonds and friendships. I felt as if we "fit in". ...and that we found people that knew EXACTLY how we feel and what it is like to have a child with CDLS. It was truly a unique experience I will never forget!

Jaiden and Mason


Wall O'Babies!


Myself and Ms. Josie!


My Mason and Reece at the Hotel

Our Mason having a blast!!